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Collection in 8 volumes, housed together in a handmade box. Bilingual Greek-Italian edition.

2 200,00 €

New Italian translation from Greek by Claudio Zedda.

130,00 €

With an original watercolor by Fulvio Testa. The twelve poems, printed in Italian and in English.

1 200,00 €

Original Greek text and Italian inedited translation by Angelo Tonelli. Anthology of 11 invocations found engraved on gold foils (V-III century b.C.).

100,00 €

Print run of 200 copies on cream-color Magnani paper. French edition. «Ouvrage indispensable a tous ceux qui sont jaloux de faire bonne chère, et de la faire faire aux autres».

480,00 €

Light-hearted, erotic sonnets, written by the Venetian nobleman Giorgio (Zorzi Alvise) Baffo.Each one of the 34 copies includes an original watercolor drawing by Fulvio Testa.

1 900,00 €
Showing 1 - 10 of 79 items