Le avventure di Pinocchio - Carlo Collodi

The most famous Italian novel.

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The text followed is that of the first edition of 1883, the only one certainly approved by the author. Postfaces by Marino Parenti, Piero Scapecchi and Lorenzo Poggi.

Volume in 8vo format of 326 pages typeset by hand handling 420 thousands 14-point Garamond types, engraved by Henri Parmentier in 1910 and cast by Deberny et Peignot in Paris. It is considered one of the most beautiful Garamond renderings.

The hand typesetting of this book took many months; and about 400 thousands types were necessary to set the whole text.

Limited print run of 190 copies on light-blue pure-cotton paper, made in Sicily expressly for this edition. The color of this paper is meant to evoke the Blue Fairy, one of the main characters in the fable.

Besides these 190 copies, 260 copies have been printed on papers made in Pescia, Tuscany, of which Collodi is a hamlet. The author, Carlo Lorenzini, took his pen name after this hamlet (images and prices on request).

The volume is housed in a hand-made slipcase and box, custom made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper. The book title is letterpress-printed on the slipcase’s spine.

  • Size (cm) 30x17
  • Typefaces Entirely typeset by hand in Garamond type, cut by Henri Parmentier on steel punches in 1914 and cast by Deberny & Peignot in Paris.
  • Paper Special making of blue-color Sicilian pure-cotton paper, whose color is meant to evoke the Blue Fairy, one of the main characters of the fable.
  • Number of pages 326
  • Total print run 190
  • Weight (kg) 2