Greek pre-Socratic Philosophers

Collection in 8 volumes, housed together in a handmade box. Bilingual Greek-Italian edition.

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Housed in the same slipcase and box, the eight volumes are the following: Anassagora, La Natura; Pitagora, I Versi d'Oro; Zenone, La Natura; Melisso, Della Natura e dell'Essere; Parmenide, Il Poema della Natura; Empedocle, La Natura; Empedocle, Il Poema delle Purificazioni; Diogene, La Natura.

Bilingual Greek and Italian edition.

Eight volumes in4to format, which sum up to 450 pages overall, typeset by hand in both capital and small Greek types, derived from the punches hand-cut in the 19th century and cast by Deberny in Paris. The Italian translation and the notes, by Jean Zafiropulo, are set in Caslon type, cast by the Caslon Foundry from the original 18th-century matrices, those derived from the original punches cut by William Caslon. This type has been in use for more than two centuries and it is one of the most ancient original type owned by the Tallone Press.

The volumes have been printed on some of the finest Italian cotton papers, made both in Tuscany (Magnani paper) and in Southern Italy (Amatruda and Alcantara papers), where many of the above-mentioned Philosophers were from.

The volumes are gathered together into a hand-made slipcase and box, custom made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper.

Each volume is also sold singularly through this website.


  • Size (cm) 21x34x12
  • Typefaces Typeset by hand in capital and small Greek types, cast in the 19th century by Deberny, and in Caslon types, cast in the original 18th-century matrices by the Caslon Foundry.
  • Paper Magnani, Amatruda and Alcantara cotton papers.
  • Number of pages 450
  • Total print run /
  • Weight (kg) 7