Limited edition of 70 copies typeset by hand in movable types, letter by letter, and letterpress-printed.

Three recipes by cook Cesare Giaccone from Langhe (Piedmont), light and springy, invite to react to the current lockdown situation (Spring 2020), thinking about the pleasures of conviviality and good food.


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Limited edition of 70 numbered copies printed on pure-cotton Magnani paper, made in Tuscany.

Three recipes "Asparagus and favette strawberries", "Hot sea in Langhe" and "Potatoes with grappa”, with a premise by Orlando Perera, journalist and gourmet, who offers us a cunning, ironic portrait of chef Cesare Giaccone and his life spent in Langhe.

A booklet in 8vo format (cm 25x15) of 16 pages typeset by hand in Ruano type, designed by Raffello Bertieri and Alessandro Butti for Nebiolo Foundry, 1926. This typeface is derived from by the calligraphy of  Ferdinando Ruano, who worked for the Pope in Rome in the 1600s.

This type is particularly suitable to describe a cuisine that blends Baroque magnificence with lightness and modernity.

Among the classics of literature published by the Tallone Press, there are Brillat-Savarin "Phisiologie du Goût" and Grimod de la Reynière “Manuel des Amphitryons”, which celebrates the return to the pleasures of the table after the Reign of Terror, when Arts and Sciences could again flourish in the cultured symposiums both held in private palaces and in the newly-born restaurants.

Similarly, these three recipes invite to react to the current lockdown situation (spring 2020).


Printed on very fine paper and sewn by hand, this collector’s edition is handmade in the most ancient typographic studio in the world still in activity, where tradition and modern aesthetic combine to give the best possible reading experience.

Neither monotype nor linotype are used. These typesetting systems from a keyboard are often passed off as manual typography. The Tallone Press also does not print from plastic plates derived from digital compositions.


Moreover, for a total print run of 76 copies, the following 6 special copies have been printed:

- 4 numbered copies on Montval paper handmade in France in the 1930s. This legendary paper was used by the major artists of the time, such as De Chirico, Mondrian, Léger, Picasso and Chagall. Aristide Maillol designed its watermark: the famous silhouette of a naked woman, which inspired his most famous sculpture, “Méditerranée”;

- only copy on “all’onda” paper, expressly handmade in 1966 for the restoration of the ancient books which were damaged by the flood happened in Florence on November 4th;

- only copy on Lana paper handmade in France for Tallone’s edition of Manzoni’s “Promessi Sposi”, the novel which describes the plaque in Milan in 1630.

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