Sull’indole del piacere - Pietro Verri



On release October 2020.

Limited edition of 135 copies typeset by hand in movable types, letter by letter, and letterpress-printed.

A passionate investigation into the search for pleasure, engine of human action.

This new edition will be published in Summer 2020. It will be a limited edition of 160 numbered copies.


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This is a copy of 135 printed on pure-cotton Magnani wove paper, made in Tuscany.

Pietro Verri (Milan 1728-1797) sheds light on the nature of human passions and the mechanisms of pleasure, anticipating the new theories of unconscious mental processes, which spur men to act in the pursuit of happiness. 

In Italian.

«His anthropological and psychological analysis is precise. His observations timeless» from the Introduction by Stefano Zecchi.

A volume in the oblong 8vo format (cm 25x12) of 105 pages typeset by hand in original 10-point Caslon, engraved by William Caslon and cast in the original 18th-century matrices.
This original 18th-century type is contemporary of Pietro Verri, a masterpiece of Enlightenment which has become a timeless classic.

This edition will be a unique case in contemporary printing: the only one composed by hand with an original type contemporary of the author.

Verri's Discorso sull’indole del piacere e del dolore represents the Italian highest contribution to a debate extended to Locke and Hume in England, Rousseau, Helvétius and Diderot in France, Lessing in Germany.

Moreover, for a total of 160 numbered copies, this book comes in the following editions (prices and images on request):

- 11 copies printed on cream-colored pure-cotton Magnani handmade laid paper;

- 9 copies on white pure-cotton Magnani handmade wove paper;

- 4 copies on cream-colored pure-cotton Roma paper, handmade in Fabriano;

- only copy on ivory pure-cotton Magnani handmade laid paper;

The volume is housed in a slipcase and a box, custom hand-made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper. The book title is letterpress-printed on the slipcase’s spine.


The number of movable
types handled for the typesetting of this book, makes it an exceptional endeavor in contemporary fine printing.

Printed on very fine paper and sewn by hand, this collector’s edition is a sophisticated gift meant to last over time and designed to give the best reading experience possible.

It is handmade in the most ancient typographic studio in the world still in activity, where handmade bookmaking and continue aesthetic research combine to give each book a unique design, never repeated in standard book series.

Neither monotype nor linotype are used. These typesetting systems from a keyboard are often passed off as manual typography. The Tallone Press also does not print from plastic plates derived from digital compositions.

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