Alessandro Butti creatore di tipi


Limited edition of 300 copies typeset by hand and letterpress-printed. First and comprehensive typographic tribute to the most prominent Italian type designer in the period 1930-1950s and his very successful types. Typeset by hand in the original 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s types he designed, which were cast by Nebiolo Foundry in those years.


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This publication includes all the types he designed, which were all cast by Nebiolo Foundry.

Among them, the most renowned are: Quirinus, Fluidum, Hastile, Athenaeum, Augustea, Microgramma.

This booklet intends to gave a decisive contribution to bringing Da Milano’s masterpieces, for far too long unjustly neglected, back to the limelight. 

Print run of 300 copies on Magnani cotton paper made in Pescia, Tuscany.

This publication is housed in a slipcase, custom hand-made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper.

Limited edition typeset by hand in original foundry types and letterpress printed on very fine exclusive paper, made to last. Each copy is sewn by hand.
Due to its unique features, this fine-press book is a coveted collector’s edition and a sophisticated gift idea, entirely handset in movable types.

Tallone timeless books are strictly handmade according to the highest tradition of manual typography, fine printing and handmade bookmaking, and are meant to last.
Tallone collectible books are a symbol of made in Italy: they are
the only ones in the world typeset by hand and totally handmade in the most ancient typographic studio in the world still in activity since the 18th century.

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Size (cm)
Typeset by hand in original 1930-1950s types, among which Quirinus, Fluidum, Hastile, Athenaeum, Augustea, Microgramma.
Magnani paper made in Pescia, Tuscany
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