Manuale Tipografico I - Enrico Tallone et al.



Limited edition of 249 copies typeset by hand in movable types, letter by letter, and letterpress-printed.

dedicated to the aesthetic of title pages and capital letters. Includes original specimens from the 1930s.


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Volume in the 4to format (cm23x37) set by hand in 12pt Tallone type, designed by Alberto Tallone and cut by Charles Malin in Paris

This edition includes:

  • original frontispieces of Tallone Books printed in Paris (1930s-1950s) and in Italy, from the 1960s onwards, put in cronological order; 
  • 50 complete alphabets in capital letters of the foundry types which belonged to Maurice Darantiere and Alberto Tallone and the ones added by the successors; 

Essays by Enrico Tallone, G. di San Lazzaro, P. Trevisani, G. Contini, L. Fumanelli, M. Pallante and L. Balsamo.


- 120 copies on Magnani paper made in Tuscany, 

- 97 on pure cotton paper made in Sicily,

- 20 on hand-made ancient Fabriano tinted paper

- 12 copies on hand-made ‘Umbria bianca’ paper made in Fabriano.



Each volume of the set include essays by researchers and scholars about the different aspects of book design (types, formats, pagination, papers, inks), each illustrated through original specimens which are classified by epoch and provenance.

Each volume is unique, since the original specimens which are included within vary from one copy to another.

«The collection of Manuali Tipografici printed by the Tallone Press is the most important historical-typographic endeavor since the second half of the twentieth century, the first in the world for quality, breadth, elegance and documentation» Michelle Delattes, CHARTA, 2019

The number of movable
types handled for the typesetting of this book, makes it an exceptional endeavor in contemporary fine printing.

Printed on very fine paper and sewn by hand, this collector’s edition is a sophisticated gift meant to last over time and designed to give the best reading experience possible.

It is handmade in the most ancient typographic studio in the world still in activity, where handmade bookmaking and continue aesthetic research combine to give each book a unique design, never repeated in standard book series.

Neither monotype nor linotype are used. These typesetting systems from a keyboard are often passed off as manual typography. The Tallone Press also does not print from plastic plates derived from digital compositions.

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