20th-century type design - specimen book (Vol. II)


Fifty 20th-century masterpieces of Advertising created by the world’s foremost type designers

This unique type specimen book allows you to see types in their original design, without the intervention of digital manipulation. In fact, this is the only collectable series typeset by hand in original foundry types, cast between the 1900’s and 1970’s by the most notable European and North-American foundries.


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This is one of 150 copies

Layouts and colors were individually designed so as to convey the epoch and the mood of each type. Design by Enrico Tallone.

These masterpieces continue to be essential in today’s written communication (advertisements, logos, signage, signposting, etc.). 

The complete collection of the 100 most important 20th-century types for advertising is housed in two boxes, each available separately on this website, and each containing 50 specimens. 

These types are part of the historical assets of the Tallone Press (www.archiveofstyles.com).


Specimens (12x15 cm) were printed letterpress on heavy weight fine papers, made by the most renowned Italian, French, and German papermills: Fabriano, B.F.K. Rives, Magnani, Canson & Montgolfier, Hahnemühle, Favini.

The slipcase and box (26x17x3 cm) are handmade in-house. The title “ARCHIVE OF STYLES” on the spine is printed letterpress from original Echo type, cast in 1938 in Dresden; while texts inside the folders (both red and beige ones) are printed letterpress from original Triennale type, a symbol of Italian Rationalism cast in 1933 in Milan.

Paper shades may vary from those shown in the images.

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Tallone Press has devoted many editions to type design. In particular, on one hand the Manuali Tipografici set focuses on timeless, Apollonian classics of type design; while on the other hand, several monographs dedicated to Italian type designers Raffaello Bertieri, Giulio Da Milano, Alessandro Butti, and Aldo Novarese focus on modern, (one could say, more ‘Dionysian’) 20th-century types.


The original movable types used for the hand-typesetting of these specimens make them an exceptional endeavor in the contemporary printing scene. 

Neither monotype nor linotype are used. These typesetting systems from a keyboard are often passed off as manual typography. The Tallone Press also does not print from plastic plates derived from digital compositions.

Data sheet

Size (cm)
Set by hand in original 20th-century foundry types.
Heavy weight acid-free fine paper (among which Fabriano, B.F.K. Rives, Magnani, Canson & Montgolfier)
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