Viaggio nel Tahmisat - Lapo Sagramoso


Only copy. It includes an original watercolor. Italian edition.

Printed in first edition, “Viaggio nel Tahmisat” is the chronicle of an adventurous journey into the exotic and legendary "Realm of Tahmisat", a land of unknown civilizations, out of time and desirable, narrated with a humorous and sublime language. 

This edition is limited to 33 unique copies, each printed on a different, top-quality paper. Moreover, each copy includes an original watercolour painted by the author.


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This is the only copy printed on pink-colored Hahnemühle Ingres cotton paper. It includes an original watercolour painted by the author, intitled “Le fanciulle di Succiur”.

This edition is limited to 33 copies, each printed on a different, top-quality paper. Papers were made in China, Japan, England, Germany, France, and Italy. Most of them are ancient and extremely rare.

“Viaggio nel Tahmisat” is a fictional novel. This is its first edition. It is the chronicle of an adventurous journey into the exotic and legendary "Realm of Tahmisat", a land of unknown civilizations, out of time and desirable, narrated with a humorous and sublime language.

It is a volume in the album format (cm19x15), of 60 pages typeset by hand in 16-point Caslon type. This type was cast in the original 18th-century matrices. This novel was printed on the 1905 Phoenix V platen press which Maurice Darantiere used for the printing of the first edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

The volume is housed in a slipcase and a box, custom hand-made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper. The book title is letterpress-printed on the slipcase’s spine.

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