Manuel des Amphitryons - Grimod de la Reynière

Limited edition of 200 copies typeset by hand in movable types, letter by letter.
French edition. 
«Ouvrage indispensable a tous ceux qui sont jaloux de faire bonne chère, et de la faire faire aux autres».

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«Cet Livre veut être, avec une initiative et des papiers Italiens, des textes Français, des encres allemandes et des caractères Anglais, un hommage à la civilisation de lEurope». LE MONDE (A. Tonet) 
This is one of 200 numbered copies printed on Magnani cotton paper.
320 numbered copies
of this edition were printed, of which:
.200 on laid cream-color Magnani paper;
.72 on off-white wove Magnani paper (images and prices on request);
.41 on handmade Magnani pure-cotton paper;
.7 on mould-made Fabriano paper.
Brilliantly written at the beginning of the 19th century by one of the founders of modern Western Gastronomy, the volume celebrates the return to the pleasures of the table after the Reign of Terror, when Arts and Sciences could again flourish in the cultured symposiums both held in private palaces and in the newly-born restaurants.
With essays by Armando Torno (in Italian) and Gérard Roero di Cortanze (in French).
Volume in the 8vo format (16x29 cm) of 300 pages entirely typeset by hand in 12 pt Caslon types, cast by the Caslon Foundry in the original 18th-century matrices.
This type has been in use for more than two centuries and it is one of the most ancient original type owned by the Tallone Press.
About 360 thousands metal types were used for the hand typesetting of this edition, which took many months.
The volume is housed in a hand-made slipcase and box, custom made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper. The book title is letterpress-printed on the slipcases spine.
Printed on very fine paper and sewn by hand, this edition is handmade in the most ancient typographic studio in the world still in activity, where tradition and modern aesthetic combine to give the best possible reading experience.
Neither monotype nor linotype are used, often passed off as manual typography. Tallone Press also do not print from plastic plates (photopolymer) derived from digital compositions.

Data sheet

Size (cm)
Typeset by hand in point 12 Caslon types, cast from the original 18th-century mats. It has occurred many months and 360 thousands metal types to set the text.
Laid cream-color Magani paper
Number of pages
Total print run
Weight (kg)