Limited edition of 60 copies typeset by hand in movable metal types. The hand-typesetting of Gregorian chant notation make this edition an exceptional endeavor in contemporary fine printing.
Dedicated to Gregorian Chants "Stabat Mater” and “Dies Irae”, this edition includes two inedited poems in French by Jean-Luc Nancy and six silk-screen prints by Claudio Parmiggiani, made expressly for this edition.


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“Stabat Mater” and “Dies Irae” represent two of the highest moments of human and religious experience. Their emotional power and striking beauty have inhabited our collective memory since immemorial time - Jean-Luc Nancy

This is one of 60 numbered copies letterpress-printed on pure-cotton Magnani paper, handmade in Pescia (Tuscany).

An in-folio volume (cm 25x40) of 64 pages typeset by hand. In particular, texts were typeset in monumental 24 pt Caslon type, punch-cut by hand by William Caslon and cast in the original 18th-century mats; while music notation were typeset by hand in original Gregorian movable types, those cut by hand in the second half of the 19th century by Théophile Beaudoire, and cast by Deberny in Paris.

The complex joint-system of 230 tiny pieces fo the hand typesetting go the 4-staff notation makes Gregorian Chant the most challenging undertaking for typesetters.

Note the complex interlacement of tiny pieces typeset by hand in the above image.

The book was signed by both the Author and the Artist in the last page of the volume.
Moreover, each one of the six silk-screen prints are signed and punched by the artist. Two of them are printed in red and four in black.

« Les éclats de Claudio [Parmiggiani] jettent le texte dans lespace, hors du sens, vers le ciel et lenfer, tandis que les anciennes planches du chant tiennent la basse continue, tout cela dans la stricte élégance des caractères. Ce nest pas un livre, cest une méditation partagée » Jean-Luc Nancy


The volume is housed in a hand-made slipcase and box, custom made to an exact size, whose exteriors are covered with Ingres paper. The book title is letterpress-printed on the slipcases spine.

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